Monday, January 7, 2013

An End to the Battles

This Saturday is the final round of the Gorilla Records Battle of the Bands at Tremont Music Hall.  We really need your help. Once again, our time slot is based on ticket sales, so we really need you to buy your ticket from us ahead of time. Tickets are $10 and you can buy yours by going to with your credit/debit card or PayPal. Alternatively, shoot me an email at and I'll coordinate with you to get you your ticket.

So, how did this past weekend go?

We had a fantastic time rocking out The Saloon at NC Music Factory. We met Bryan Peterson of Peterson Productions (the company hosting the show) and hung out with some great musicians. The band I had initially worked with when I moved to Charlotte, "BAKKWOODZ" played immediately after us and put on a great show filled with some fantastic country rock.

Although we won't be going on to the next round of Peterson Productions Battle, we look forward to working to Bryan again in the near future with his other Charlotte bookings.

At the end of the night we loaded up our gear (the parking valets at NC Music Factory are world-class dicks), and headed over to Mattie's Diner for some post-show grub. Mattie's recreated for me the infamous "Stache Dog" that I'd grown to love at Voodoo Dog in Tallahassee. It's basically a Chicago dog (mustard, lettuce, tomato, onions) with guacamole, cucumbers, jalapenos, cheese and chili.

After such an energizing weekend, the Barbers look forward to rocking your ass once again for fun and profit at Tremont Music Hall on Saturday.


Vanlewen said...

Band name!!!

"World-Class Dicks"

Unknown said...

Saw your band for first time Saturday, loved it! Sorry you didn't advance and I disagree completely! However, my son's band is competing against you on Saturday and we are hoping they have a better night than they did on Friday at the Saloon Battle with a very very delayed late start time and a sick lead singer. I hope to see more of your band in non-battle situations and if you don't mind I'd recommend your band to a few friends in the area for some other types of showcase shows and events.