Friday, January 4, 2013

Albums and Merch and Shows, Oh My!

Of course, you already know that we have a show coming up tomorrow, January 5th at The Saloon at NC Music Factory. We'll be going on at 9:15PM, so we'll see you there.  The next show is next Saturday, January 12th at Tremont Music Hall. Tickets are still available for both shows at

What else is new?

We have tentatively set a date for recording our first full-length album over the first weekend in February.  The recording will be done at Dan's house in Fort Mill, SC, and we've decided to just spend the whole weekend there. It will be a veritable band vacation -- waking up in the morning for coffee and recordings, breaking for buffalo wings and beer, and doing overdubs until the BBQ is ready.  It will either be an incredibly positive bonding experience or we'll hate each other by the end.

Or, it could be a combination of the two.

The recording will feature some old favorites that I've been doing for years, a good handful of tunes that the Barbers have never before recorded, and at least one old favorite that has been completely re-worked into a progressive masterpiece.

Additionally, I just got a quote from a local screen printer for t-shirts, ladies t-shirts and ladies boyshorts.  There is a new design featuring the new logo, so if you have one of the old "Matt Stache and The JackKnife Barbers" t-shirts, then you can still upgrade your wardrobe with our new merch.

We look forward to many scantily-clad ladies sending us photos of their rear-end in our boyshorts, emblazoned with "The JackKnife Barbers" across the rear.


Vanlewen said...

Look forward to the album and the new merch! (:

Rocky said...

Yeah Boyeeee!!!!