Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Upcoming shows in January

It feels weird saying "We have shows coming up in January," because it doesn't quite bear the same emphasis as "WE HAVE SHOWS IN JUST A TWO WEEKS!"

The first show is Saturday, January 5th -- the Peterson Productions Battle of the Bands at The Saloon at NC Music Factory (AKA, Charlotte Battle of the Bands).  Our time slot is some time around 9PM. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at our website:

I'll hand-deliver your ticket or mail it to you.

The second show is the very next Saturday on January 12th. This is the one we really need your help on. This is the second round of Gorilla Records Battle of the Bands at Tremont Music Hall and once-again, our time slot is based on pre-sale tickets, so we really need our fans to buy tickets NOW.  "NOW" means immediately after you finish reading this blog post. Or even sooner. Seriously. Go buy a ticket now and then come back to finish reading the rest of this blog.

Are you back? If so, that's because you purchased your ticket for $10 at  I'll hand deliver it to you as well.

To review:

Saturday, January 5th @ 9PM
Peterson Productions Battle of the Bands
The Saloon @ NC Music Factory

Saturday, January 12th @ TBA
Gorilla Records Battle of the Bands
Tremont Music Hall

Get tickets for either or both shows at

Finally, as an aside to our existing and loyal fans. We won't be playing any further battles of the bands after these two. We promise. No more pestering you for pre-sale tickets. Or begging you to help us get a good time slot. We will be playing real shows with real "doors open" times and the only thing we'll be pestering you to do is to show up, pay the cover at the door, and have a good time.

I speak for all of The JackKnife Barbers when I say that we're looking forward to a wonderful 2013 and continuing to entertain your ass for fun and profit.

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